My capstone class that has about 70 students is using SketchRec® for their capstone design.
This software makes their design quite easy: The students do not need to redraw their conceptual design sketches in MS Visio, or a similar tool. Furthermore, they can move the vector objects around, add new objects, or delete, and hence rapidly explore variations of their design ideas.

Dr. Sung Yi,
Dept. of Mechanical and Materials Engineering,
Portland State University,
Portland OR


The SearchRec® SW, that the students of my race car design class have been evaluating, allows current year’s students to expeditiously search the archives of design files, left behind by previous year’s students, and locate design files containing components of interest.
For an archive 6-level deep, Imagars’ intelligent search mechanism has proven to yield major time savings over manual search efforts.

Dr. John J. Russell,
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering,
University of New Mexico,
Albuquerque NM


I am quite encouraged to see the latest enhancements of the SketchRec® SW. With SketchRec® 2.1, Imagars managed to significantly improve the user friendliness of the interface. The ability to adjust the position or size of the recognized objects is quite welcomed.

Dr. Yong Suh,
Associate Professor,
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering,
California State University,
Sacramento CA


I find the mobile aspects of SketchRec® very exciting (the support for touchscreen input on tablets or convertible laptops). It appears SketchRec® can provide significant benefits at Starkey in terms of enabling us to import design sketches from brainstorming activities directly into MS Visio (and hence abolish the need to redraw).

Dr. Jinjun Xiao,
Sr. DSP Engineer,
Starkey Labs,
Eden Prairie, MN


It appears the SketchRec® SW can provide major benefits with regards to route tracing and symbol placement on a background terrain. The ability to easily move around the symbols and denote dimensions looks quite impressive.

Robert Jones,
Mechanical Engineer,
Portland OR


I used the SearchRec® SW while working on a race car design project at the University of New Mexico. I was quite impressed by SearchRec’s ability to automatically load up part files from SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer and AutoCAD in the eDrawings Viewer, for careful inspection in 3D.

Kyle Robertson,
now Systems Engineer I,
Lockheed Martin,
Washington DC


I attended an interesting presentation by Imagars at the UKC ’14 Conference in San Francisco. I was quite excited to see prototype results of SketchRec® recognizing vector graphics in whiteboard images. Such software might provide great benefits at Siemens, where we have at times copied the original raster images of the whiteboards into our project reports or presentations.

Dr. Jae Y. Um,
Manager, Turbine Design,
Gas Turbine Engineering,
Siemens Energy, Inc.,
Orlando FL