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 Primary Features


1. Automatic recognition of vector graphics.

      • Produces Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files that can be copied seamlessly into Word, Powerpoint, Visio or similar applications.
      • Enables rapid transition from an initial design sketch, even on a napkin, to a presentable entity.
        • Could be an image in a formal presentation or a project report.
        • No need to redraw.
      • Enhanced creativity.
        • Once the design sketch is in vector format, one can rapidly explore derivative versions of a key design idea.
        • Simply a matter of moving objects around, adding an object or a connector, or deleting .
        • Again, no need to redraw.


2. Automatic identification of text areas.

      • Content of the text areas is copied into the image with the vector graphics.


3. Support for stylus input.

      • On convertible laptops accepting stylus input, the user can specify the stroke thickness through the user interface.


4. User friendly interface.


5. 30-day free evaluation.


6. Support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.


7. Tutorial samples.

      • For rapid verification of the intended functionality.


Imagars is committed to further enhancements of the SketchRec® software. We are willing to consider a variety of avenues, for this purpose. If you have recommendations for a future enhancement, you are welcome to contact us at